Domesticated animals living in an Urban Context in the 21st century have evolved into a whole new being. One that has adapted to human idiosyncrasy and closer to human activities. These animals have played an important role to its owner’s life and literally have become part of the family. Pets have lived comfortably inside the owner’s living environment. Their taste in food have adapted to human palette. But more obvious, animals have started to wear clothes such as jumpers, shirts and even shoes. Shops, novelty item products and toys dictated to animals have become a multi-dollar industry.

The project proposes a Vertical Park in a hectic urban environment that is dedicated to both humans and their domesticated pets activity. The Vertical Park will include shops and functions dedicated to animals such as supermarkets, grooming salon, coffee shop, animal clinic, accessory shops, brand clothing and hotel all dedicated to the owners beloved pets. All these functions is within a vertical or ramped park where one can take their animals for a walk to hang out or to exercise.

The design does not employ stairs but only path that meanders similar to a natural environment. The building is open and with voids to allow for trees to penetrate through as well as to let natural sunlight in.

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