“Final Bloom”

Installation for Roca gallery at the British Institute of Interior Design June 27, 2013

When I was thinking about this year British Institute of Interior Design Theme Design Invention: Art and Science Collide, I realised that there was a moment in time when art became a way to express science and science inspired art. Artists observed the mechanics of nature which inspired their paintings and Scientist have drew their findings meticulously and created works of art (expression). Both fields were inspired by their surroundings and wanting to express nature that captures their curiosity.

When I was a child, I was intrigued by root vegetable caps, which my parents cut and placed on our kitchen window sill. Was this an experiment or simply decoration? These left over animated my curiosity. The plants urge for life is something I find poetic even for a short time.

For this year’s installation, I wanted to intermesh at the same time juxtapose the sponsor’s products with these transient living organisms. I have created an environment where these plants can continue to live on and complement the products on their final bloom.

The root vegetables were collected from local restaurants, local households, friends and from the kitchen responsible for today’s catering. The installation requires the audience participation to populate the trays until eventually nature and the products are intertwined.

This sensitive gesture blurs but at the same time questions the thin boundary between art, curiosity, science and poetry.

The installation was initiated by sponsors to showcase their products during the BIID 2013 conference.

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