Fish Food Living, East London, UK

Three quarters of the world’s ocean is over-fished and with the food prices soaring and energy resource depleting, we are living in a culture which is unsustainable, damaging and un balanced balanced with nature. What if we live in an urban environment where each household are able to produce their own food? Is there a system we can learn from nature?

Aquaponics is a natural system where the fish waste is transformed into plant food by bacterias embedded in the plant bed. The plants or vegetables uses the transformed waste (nitrite) as high nutrient food while at the same time filters the water and cleans the fish tank as it would in an a natural pond. This is not a new system and it has been used since ancient time from the Aztecs in South America to ancient China and Thailand. The result is a 100% sustainable food resource.

With our modern busy lifestyle, we are continuously relying on others to provide our food from  take-away to supermarkets. The carbon foot-print to produce our food is damaging. The proposal hopes to give us back the responsibility into producing our own nutrients as well as inspiring our urban community through food.

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