Fragile Tension - Sketch posters

Installation @ Teasmith Gallery, London

Grand projects begin with an intuitive speculation that turns into an overriding obsession, one that demands your understanding of its true essence and source. In your frantic search to comprehend, your mind switches dimensions, oscillates from one plane to another, and sometimes you start at the end and work your way backwards in order to understand the beginning. Temporal and trajectory demarcations become indecipherable in the mind's relentless excavations of the subject.

These sketches and writing illustrate the ruminating processes at work prior to the formation of concrete ideas and opinions. It elaborates that these processes are not  linear or straightforward equations. All my thoughts and daydreams are jotted down in these pages like writing a diary or recording a dialogue with one's self. Sketches, quotations, and meditations on the genesis and revelationary developments towards a synthesised and cohesive idea are slowly unveiled. These pages reveal a beautiful adventure and journey abounding with a sense of freedom, movement and discovery where the subconscious simultaneously merges but challenges the conscious...A fragile tension is born.

Atelier Soler
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