Museum Of Photography

School and Archive, The Rocks Sydney N.S.W Australia

We experience the world through all of our senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, sound; even through our sense of time, which can trigger memories, reveries and feelings. In the world which is more dominated by vision can leave the mind uninspired. We live in a society where images are exploited endlessly, where the eye is desensitised, leaving us unable to explore beneath the surface and see the “image behind the image”.

Experiencing images or photography in a new way (or perhaps the oldest way), in the concept of “chambers”. the photographic museum and facilities aims to enhance an intimate viewing of the exhibited images. It also gives the impression of being inside a box, camera or a cave, while the space captures the essence of photography which is light. This has the effect of simultaneously making one aware of their sense of sight while lessening its importance to give rise to the other senses.

The Museum of Photography, School and Archive includes a variety chambers to exhibit the different forms of capturing photographs. The program includes a public theatre, a school, library and archive

Located beneath the archaeological surface of ‘The Dig Site’ of Cumberland and Gloucester Street, The Rocks, photographs are placed in chambers. The journey becomes one of searching and discovery into another world in the hope that after re-surfacing, one sees the present world from a different perspective.

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