Sporting Complex, University of Technology Lae, Papua New Guinea

The project was designed and presented as a concept to the University of Technology, Papua New Guinea during my study trip scholarship in 1999. The brief required a Basketball court, gym facilities, 2no. Squash courts, a 25m swimming pool and a canteen. All to meet its minimal budget.

The building’s orientation, the use local materials and cultural and climatic conditions are the driving force behind the

architecture. The form was influenced by my research and study of the local architecture of the ‘Long House’. The complex uses natural  cross and stack ventilation using both horizontal and vertical brise soliel following the sun path. The materials area fair faced such as block work and local timber to achieve a low embodied energy building with low level of

maintenance while the form has a sense of belonging and familiarity. The building is 100mm long positioned on the edge of the existing sports field which gives the field a sense of boundary and frontage.

Atelier Soler
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