Urban Jungle- Conversion of City Buildings Rooftops

Tenoji- Osaka Japan

On 20th January 2006, a forced eviction proceeding was announced by the Osaka Municipal Council to remove the large number of homeless people living in Osaka-Jo Koen. In 2004, 6.14 million foreign visited Japan. The Ministry of Land and Infrastructure and Transportation Government of Japan intends to attract 10million tourist to visit the country by the year 2010. Japan is famous for its beauty and culture but infamous for cost and places to live. 

The idea is to create several and economical platform placed on building rooftops wherever possible within the city where a person or a group can set up camp from sunset and be safe, secured and comfortable. During the day, the rooftop spaces turns into greens and garden. All too often we build buildings in the urban environment which are not utilised or maximised its potential. With an open mind from the building owners, it is more than possible and ideal for un-utilised roof spaces to be used by people who needs a place for the night or a temporary accommodation in the city.

The proposal to provide grassed platform where a tent can be set up like a piece of earth to camp for the night safely in the urban jungle and at the same time it brings the green back into the city.

This proposal is relevant to other cities around the world where concrete buildings grow faster than nature but ironically, affordable accommodation is scarce.

With this observation, we can imagine how little we need to do to accommodate people in need and at the same time animate and green up our urban jungle.

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